Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Bake In A Minute’s products and policies.

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Who is Bake In A Minute good for?

Although our bread mix is good for all diets, it is beneficial for individuals following ketogenic, low carb, weight loss, low sugar, diabetic or paleo diets.

Can Bake In A Minute be prepared in a conventional oven?

– Yes it can. Depending on what is being made and the oven, cooking time can be anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes.

Can I substitute eggs with something else?

– Yes. In the Bake In A Minute kitchen, we have substituted eggs with flax egg.

Is Bake In A Minute gluten-free?

– Although all of Bake In A Minute’s ingredients are gluten-free, we have not been certified gluten-free.

What is the difference between gluten-free and low carb?

– A gluten-free diet is usually adopted by individuals with gluten intolerance. A low carb diet is usually undertaken to control insulin or to lose weight.

I am allergic to peanuts, can I use Bake In A Minute?

– At Bake In A Minute, we take nut allergies very seriously and we recommend all individuals with nut allergies, avoid Bake In A Minute products.

Can I use any type of oil to prepare Bake In A Minute?

– You can use any type of cooking oil you choose, including butter. Remember, strong oils may overpower the taste of your bread.

What are the ingredients in Bake In A Minute?

-Bake In A Minute consists of almond flour, ground flaxmeal, psyllium husk and baking powder.

Can I add other ingredients to Bake In A Minute?

– Yes. We encourage creativity when working with our mix. Check out our Recipes section, to get inspired.

Is almond meal the same as almond flour?

– No. Almond meal is a coarser grind with the skin still on. Almond flour is ground more finely and is usually made from blanched almonds.

Is psyllium a type of wheat?

– No. Psyllium comes from the genus Plantago family and contains many species.

What type of flaxseed does Bake In A Minute use?

– Bake In A Minute uses ground brown flaxseed.

Why not use whole flaxseed in Bake In A Minute?

– Ground flaxseed is easier to digest  and the body draws more nutrients from them.

Is your baking powder gluten-free?

– Yes. Our baking powder is gluten-free.

Can I use multiple discounts and/or offers for a purchase?
No. Only one discount and/or offer can be used per purchase.

Do you only sell Bake In A Minute in 100g pouches or does it come in a bigger size?Our ability to provide larger packaging and be more widely available, is greatly dependent on public interest.

Is Bake In A Minute only available online or can I buy it in stores?

Store locations can found under the tab, Locations.

Is Bake In A Minute only available in Canada?

Bake In A Minute is available in select stores in Canada and is shipped throughout Canada and the US.

It takes 90 seconds, so why is it called Bake In A Minute?

– Because Bake In A Minute and thirty seconds was too long.